Question: How To Activate Norton Antivirus From Airtel?

How do I activate Norton security on Airtel?

To activate Airtel Secure Plan open/ download My Airtel App. Click on the Airtel Secure banner & follow the instructions to activate.

How do I get my Norton partner code?

What is the partner code? If you download the Norton Mobile Security app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, rather than follow the suggested install steps, you will see an option to enter a Partner Code.

What is handset protection in Airtel?

Secure your personal data: Detects and removes malware and other such threats. Highlights privacy risks, intrusive behavior, excessive battery drain and excess data consumption on your phone. Safeguards against phishing and malicious web sites browsed via Wi‐Fi or carrier networks Edge, 3G, 4G etc.

What is Airtel Secure lite?

An exclusive plan for Airtel mobile subscribers that offers protection against accidental or liquid damage along with antivirus and cloud back-up. Airtel Secure Plan is a three-fold protective service available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

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How do I activate Airtel safe custody?

Open the Airtel app and select the landline connection that you want to disconnect temporarily. Tap Manage Services and then tap ‘ Activate /Deactivate Safe Custody ‘. Turn on the toggle button next to ‘ Safe Custody ‘. Tap the ‘ Activate ‘ option to activate Safe Custody.

How can I get free Norton Antivirus from Airtel?

199 or more are eligible to redeem one-year free subscription of Norton Mobile Security. These eligible users can redeem the offer by going to the My Airtel app or the Airtel website after logging in. Users will need to follow instructions to get the one-year membership, and also install the Norton Mobile Security app.

What is my partner code?

A partner code is a unique URL to provide to your clients. Every partner will get their own unique partner code. When it’s time to create your client’s store, log in to the partner system then select the option to Create a New HotelRunner Account, or provide your client with your partner token.

How do I transfer Norton to another device?

Video: Install Norton on another device

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In the My Norton page, click/tap Download.
  3. In the Get Started page, click Agree & Download. If you are on a mobile device, choose the subscription that you want to download and tap Next.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Why is Norton Mobile Security being discontinued?

We are constantly reviewing and assessing our Norton Mobile Security Android features to ensure the highest value protection features, and app experience for our Norton -LifeLock customers. As a result of this assessment, we have decided to discontinue the above features of Norton Mobile Security Android.

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How can I activate Airtel Sim after long time?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Airtel Number

  1. Try to request re- activation via email to [email protected] or customer care.
  2. Visit nearest airtel store and submit reactivation request.
  3. Provide Address and Photo Id proofs.
  4. You may receive a confirmation call and then your number will be re- activated.

How many days we can use Airtel SIM without recharge?

Airtel follows a 60 days non-usage criteria for deactivation of the SIM from our network. Basis Customer usage behavior, it has been observed that 60 days is long enough period to determine whether or not the SIM would be in use thereafter or would be lying idle and can be safely disconnected.

What happens if we do not recharge Airtel SIM?

In case you don’t recharge with Rs 45 or higher plans, then the outgoing will be immediately barred, followed by incoming calls ban after grace period of 15 days.

How can I activate Airtel HD call?

Follow these steps to enable the same – Settings -> SIM networks -> Preferred network type -> 4G/3G/2G. Upon verification of the above, your handset should show 4G with HD /VoLTE icon on top bar of the screen, indicating that your device is ready for VoLTE calls.

Can 17 year old get Airtel SIM?

Whether you’re an Indian citizen or a foreign national. But Why it’s not fixed age bar to get a sim card by every operator like Airtel Provide at 17 Years as BSNL also have 17 Year age bar and Whereas Vodafone-Idea Provide at the age 16.5 and Reliance Jio at 18 Years.

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What is be safe Airtel?

Safepay is essentially a security feature which can be availed by all Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account customers with an Airtel Mobile number linked to the account.