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Smadav Download 2017 This review is made without business reason. I just need to share my experience using this antivirus. No offense!!! Examined more to get the FREE download of Smadav.

In reality, we ought to start. I started using Smadav as my second antivirus-I for the most part use two antivirus, one presented and one adaptable around three months earlier. It started when my friend, Fikry, started to present Smadav on all PCs at our Independent Learning Center. Due to my curiousness, I copied the *.zip record of that antivirus and endeavor it myself. It was Smadav Rev 4.2. The size is little, basically 400Kb and it needn’t trouble with any foundations. Basically open the *.zip archive and dispatch the program. At the principal event when you dispatch it, it will ask for that you present SmaRT (Smadav Real-Time Protection) on your PC. In case you click “Yes”, Smadav will set itself as one of start-up ventures. It will show image on the benefit of the taskbar and let you know whether your PC is on a risk or if it has another interpretation invigorate (require web affiliation unmistakably!). In any case I generally slaughter this segment since I don’t use Smadav Download 2017 as my essential antivirus (On that case, I use Avira). By then you will see the essential menu. On the top there are logos, variation date, offer catch (to refresh the FREE shape to PRO frame), and a quote “Contamination Indonesia akan segera PUNAH” (Indonesian Viruses will soon wiped out). For your information, Smadav uses bilingual Indonesian-English (I think it is 70% Indonesian and 30% English). I never endeavor the PRO shape. The PRO shape has extended contrasting options to change the tongue into Indonesian or English.

Along these lines, I can’t express an incredible arrangement in light of the way that my central direction is not Computer Software (I am restless I will form something doltish here… ), yet Smadav Download 2017 is my most cherished neighborhood antivirus. The interface is incredible and it is definitely not hard to use. What’s more, its size is so little. I propose Smadav for helpful antivirus customers.

Smadav Download 2017 Features

  •  Smadav AntiVirus
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  •  Smadav Forum
  •  Smadav Upload Virus Official Site
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